Personal Insurance

The most common types of personal general insurances are those that protect your car and home.  We can also arrange Personal Accident, marine and travel insurances.

Home Building Insurance  

Most insurances policies cover your main residence, garage, garden sheds, cabana/gazebo, walls, fences and in ground swimming pools.

As an owner occupier you may elect to insure for accidental damage or defined events.

Ensuring adequate protection for your home does require a comprehensive review of your assets and situation. 

If you are a landlord, you can be covered for the same structures as above and also fittings and fixtures.

For comprehensive landlords protection we can offer insurances and extensions that specifically address rental property risks.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurances can be arranged for your home whether you own or rent. Insurance policies vary greatly but you can choose to protect your furniture, carpets, personal belongings, artworks, antiques, and specified valuables such as jewellery. Ensuring adequate protection for these items does require a comprehensive review of your assets and situation. 

Personal Liability

Personal liability insurance is standardly included in the building and contents insurance policies we recommend. Liability insurance covers you in the event that another person is injured or has their property damaged whilst they are on your property. Some policies will also offer extended cover for liability whilst you are away from your home.

When we recommend any of the above insurances we will provide you with a detailed description of the cover, risks and costs in our Statement of Advice. We will also provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement from the issuing Insurer.

If you use your home for business purposes you may need to consider additional cover as household policies are not sufficient to protect business and liability risks associated with a home office.

Motor Vehicle Insurances

Motor vehicle insurance in Australia include compulsory and optional covers.

Compulsory Third Party       

Confirmation of Compulsory Third Party Insurance (CTP) must be provided as part of the registration process for your motor vehicle. This insures against claims made against you for personal injuries and legal costs arising out of the use of your car.  We can assist you to arrange this insurance in NSW quickly and easily through our over the phone service. In most instances we can arrange cover for same day registration.

Third Party Property Damage

This motor vehicle policy insures your liability for damage your vehicle causes another vehicle or to the property of someone else. This policy will cover repair costs for the other vehicle and also your legal defence. If you are the at fault driver your vehicle repairs and own costs are not insured.

Third Party, Fire & Theft 

This motor vehicle insurance provides cover as noted above and also insures against the events of fire & theft. It also covers against damage caused by the vehicle whilst it is stolen.


Comprehensive motor vehicle insurance insures against the abovementioned events as well as damage caused by you to your own car. As many optional policy extensions are available (including no claim bonus protection, hire car costs, excess free windscreen cover) it is important that before you obtain insurance that you are professionally advised of your options.