As your Insurance Broker we can assist you in making informed decisions about how to ensure your insurance protection does adequately safeguard your assets and business.

Following our review of your business and risks you may elect to insure, accept, manage or minimise your exposures.

To assist in managing the costs of your Insurances we can in some instances arrange for Premium Funding. This is financed through a specialist funding provider who offers you the opportunity to make payments by instalment over 8 months rather than an up-front lump sum

As follows is an alphabetical listing of some of the insurances we can arrange on your behalf.

Some of these insurances only relate to specific industries and occupations so whilst this list may appear daunting, many businesses will only require assets and liability insurances. 

We can also access Insurers who offer specifically packaged Insurances that are Industry and occupation based.

IJD Insurance is not licensed to provide Life Insurance advice or products however we can recommend and refer you to a qualified and experienced broker upon request.

  • Accounts Receivable- Loss due to irrecoverable debts following destruction of theft of debtors records

  • Advance Consequential Loss- Loss of future earnings and increased expenses following delayed completion of a project caused by damage

  • Airport Operators Bodily injury and property damage arising from the operation of a licensed airport

  • Association Liability This provides indemnity to those who hold positions on management committees incorporated organisations against negligent acts, errors or omissions

  • Audit & Investigation Expenses due to unexpected audits required by any statutory body, including Australian Tax Office

  • Aviation Liability Bodily injury and property damage arising from the operation of an aircraft

  • Boiler Explosion Damage to registered boilers by explosion, overheating, collapse

  • Burglary Theft of property following forcible and violent entry to premises

  • Business Interruption- Loss of income and increased expenses due to damage to fixed assets

  • Broadform Public & Products Bodily injury and property damage arising from business

  • Cancellation and Abandonment - Cover is provided for loss of income and additional expenses incurred due to occurrences such as adverse weather conditions or non appearance of performers for many reasons, including death or illness

  • Computer Breakdown- Profits/Loss of income and increased expenses following mechanical and electronic breakdown of computer equipment

  • Computer Crime- Loss of funds following tampering with computer systems

  • Contract Works Loss or damage to the project during construction

  • Contractors' Plant & Machinery Loss or damage to unregistered mobile plant, drilling rigs and the like

  • Corporate Travel Costs following accident or illness whilst traveling

  • Crop - Fire or hail damage to cash crops

  • Defamation Damages following libel and slander

  • Directors & Officers Liability Damages following a wrongful act committed by the directors or officers of a company

  • Electronic Equipment -Material damage and loss of data following breakdown or malfunction

  • Employment Practices Liability Liability for employment related issues such as wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment, and discrimination

  • Extra Territorial Workers’ Compensation For employees working interstate or overseas

  • Fidelity Guarantee- Losses due to the dishonesty of employees

  • Fire and Perils Damage to fixed assets caused by a range of nominated risks.

  • Forged Transfers Damages and expenses following negligence in share registry

  • Glass- Damage to fixed glass

  • Industrial Special Risks- Fire and Perils and Accidental Damage to fixed assets.

  • Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion- Monies paid following kidnap of staff or family or threats of damage to assets

  • Liability Activities and from products manufactured, imported or sold

  • Livestock and Bloodstock- Loss following death or loss of use of valuable animals

  • Machinery Breakdown- Cost to repair following mechanical or electrical breakdown of plant and equipment

  • Marine Builders Risk- Loss of damage to vessels during construction, testing and commissioning and delivery

  • Marine Cargo- Damage to goods while in transit

  • Marine Hull- Damage to private and commercial vessels and related equipment

  • Marine Liability Bodily injury and property damage arising from Operation of vessels, Carriers liability, Ship-repair activities, Charterers liability, Container liability, Stevedore liability

  • Marine Profits- Loss of income and increased expenses following marine transit material damage claims

  • Money            - Loss or damage to cash, cheques, negotiable instruments

  • Motor- Loss or damage to registered vehicles

  • Motor – CTP Bodily injury arising from registered vehicles (separate insurance not applicable in Western Australia)

  • Personal Accident & Illness Death or disability following an accident or illness

  • (cancellable contract).

  • Political Risks - Expropriation of overseas assets by Governments or local authorities

  • Product Recall Expenses Expenses incurred in the recall of defective products.

  • Product Tamper- Loss of net profit, recall and other expenses following product tampering

  • Professional Indemnity Damages arising from the professional activities of an organisation

  • Professional Indemnity or Errors and Omissions Liability for negligent services performed or advice given to clients

  • Strata Covers risks related to commercial and domestic strata properties  

  • Strike Additional expenses incurred following labour disturbances

  • Takeover Defence Expenses to successfully defend a takeover of a public company

  • Trustees Liability Damages following mismanagement of superannuation funds by trustees

  • Umbrella Liability Provides cover in excess of standard Broadform Liability policies, including Motor Third Party, but also provides blanket cover for many areas excluded by those policies

  • Workers’ Compensation Providing cover for employers’ liability for injury to employees, Act benefits and at Common Law